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The DJE-L 2nd Annual Birthday Bash!

The DJE-L 2nd Annual

Birthday Bash !!

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Now is your SECOND chance to get a totally free JAG T-shirt ... just by mailing in your name & email!

Here are the official rules.

You are entering to win an X-Large (extra large/grande) t-shirt that is the colour called "Heather Gray" (light grayish white colour). This is a premade shirt, winner can not get a different size.

1. ALL ENTRIES MAY BE MAILED FROM MARCH 17th TO APRIL 16th! Any late entries will NOT be accepted. Winner will be drawn and announced on the DJE-L mailing list and privately of their win. A name is drawn fairly from a hat by myself. I've done this contest at least 6 times now so don't worry. :)

2. DO NOT SEND DOUBLE ENTRIES! People who do will automatically be excluded from the competition.

3. Your entry must include your NAME & EMAIL! Nothing else is required, but those are a MUST.

4. Family members of mine are NOT allowed to enter this contest (as there is a family member who is a member of The DJE-L).

For more info on how you can BUY, for under $10 U.S. dollars, a shirt exactly like the one in the contest above, visit the Operation T-S.H.I.R.T. site!