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Character Collection

David James Elliott's an actor, so he's played a lot of roles, right? Well, we've got the Character Collection here for you, dating back to his earliest roles to his most current. It's always fun to remember the early works of someone big, and they often confess they'd like to forget some roles here and there. But, since you're here, you'd may as well read on to see what DJE was doing before (and during) J.A.G. Have fun!




1997 - "Clockwatchers"


1997 - "Holiday Affair" (TV Movie)

Steve Mason

1995 - "J.A.G." (TV Series)

Lt. Cmdr. Harmon Rabb Jr.

1995 - "Big Dreams & Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story" (TV Movie)

Byron Metcalf

1995 - "Degree of Guilt" (TV MiniSeries)

Chris Paget

1994 - "Seinfeld" (TV Series) (Episode 65, October 24th, 1994)

Carl, The Couch Guy

1993 - "The Untouchables" (TV Series)

Agent Paul Robbins

1992 - "Melrose Place" (TV Series)


1992 - "Knots Landing" (TV Series)


1991 - "Fly By Night" (TV Series)

Mack Sheppard

1991 - "Her Wicked Ways"


1990 - "Lethal Charm"


1989 - "Amityville IV: The Evil Escapes" (TV Movie)


1987 - "The Big Town"

Cool Guy

1987 - "Night Friend"

Cab Driver

1986 - "Police Academy 3: Back In Training" (as David Elliott)

Cadet Baxter #2

1986 - "Street Legal" (TV Series)

Nick DelGado

1983 - "Cujo"

(Worked as Sound Editor)

The Play TV Series

Edison Twins TV Series