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Calendar Of Events

12/23/98 -- A new Voting Poll for the 1st Birthday Contest is up! Scroll down to the Info Centre and check it out!

12/08/98 -- "You've Got Fans!", for AOL members, can vote for David and JAG right here at this page. Cast in your votes, AOLers!


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The CyberInstitute Of JAGology

There will be no Angry Viewing for this week. The contest will resume after there is a new episode of J.A.G. to watch.

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The David James Elliott List Online

All the members of the DJE-L can agree -- David is talented, charming, and cute! We are the fans that enjoy his work and seize anything we possibly can on him. Dedicated, we scope the entertainment world for articles, pictures, and re-runs of J.A.G. whenever we can. Whether we label ourselves as DJEbbies, DJs or DJEniks, we are nonetheless fans of David James Elliott. Click here for more info on the DJE-L and how to subscribe.

Info Centre

1. Chinese Auction? T-Shirt Raffle? Your choice! Vote for either one by clicking on the new Voting Poll! Deadline: February 17th

2. Send in your JAG fan fiction to the DJE-L and have it posted in the new archive that will be set up in Jan. 1999! See this page for more details!

Question Of The Week

For the week of December 29th - January 5th: In 1997, before playing Bud's pregnant wife on J.A.G., Karri Turner guest starred, playing a pregnant wife, in which primetime drama? Was is:

A: Touched By An Angel
B: The X-Files
C: The Practice

Send in your answer to and I'll post them on the web site!