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Club Projects

The DJE-L is always working on something, and we thought we'd let everybody in on our projects. So this Project File, more-or-less, is info that only members knew at one point in time, but no more! Our projects are dated so you can see which is the most current, and also labeled as to which we are working on, have worked on, or will work on.


November 1st, 1999 - The DJE-L's 2nd Annual T-Shirt Raffle will be held! Members of The DJE-L and non-members alike are welcome to join! Send me your raffle entry (your name, email adress and whether or not you're a member of The DJE-L) starting OCTOBER 1st thru OCTOBER 31st. More details will be added soon.

September 21st, 1999 - In honour of David James Elliott's birthday, we, The DJE-L, sent him our best wishes in a brightly coloured card. (Thanks to everyone who participated!)

April 17th, 1999 - The DJE-L's 1st Birthday Bash was held and we celebrated with a T-Shirt Raffle! A lucky JAG fan won a JAG logo T-shirt for absolutely no cost!

December 6th, 1998 - The DJE-L wished David a Merry Christmas through our member card. It was sent a week later from the start date, and we have yet to see if David got it. Participants in the card project were:

Erin McLemore
Christina Aldridge
Debbie Hammons
Shirley Dickson

Below is the description:

(From Admiral Skippie): The card was made up on my PC with a Microsoft program that I use to make a lot of my Christmas/Birthday/any other type cards. I thought I'd make the card, instead of buying one, then inserting another piece of paper. To me, a hand created card says a lot more than one you haven't made. And the cover makes the whole thing seem warm. On the cover, I was able to fit *perfectly* the various messages I received from these five DJEniks, including one of my own. Off to the right, on the cover, I was able to even fit a graphic of a Christmas tree with garland, lights, balls and a star on top that was
sitting outside in the snow. Underneath was a couple of wrapped gifts.

On the inside, the message read in a cute font that I adore called, "Comic Sans MS", "Merry Christmas from the David James Elliott List (DJE-L)!". Below that, in a smaller size, "With Love, The DJE-L". And underneath that, our web site address. ("Comic Sans MS" was used for the whole card.) It was sealed in a festive green envelope, and sent in time
for Christmas.

November 1st thru 4th, 1998 - The DJE-L Home Page received 100 hits in less than two weeks, so we celebrated with our first T-Shirt Draw. Four members won, who are listed below, and I know I had a great time doing it, so the date was set. November 1st will be the Annual DJE-L T-Shirt Draw. We're giving away one T-Shirt, and if you enter, you could be the lucky winner.

The winners were:

Debbie Hammons
Sandra Martinez
Allison Wadley
Petra Moore


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