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Quotable Quotes

Ever hear a quote on JAG that made you laugh until you cried? Ever have one make you cry without laughing? Well, this section of The DJE-L web site is dedicated to providing the Quote Lovers, like yourself, with a dosage of quotes to keep you going.

Don't see your favourite here? No problem. Send it in to me through email and I'll put it on the page. (Please include the character's name along with the quote.)

Harm & Mac

Harm: "Nice car."

Mac (with tears in her eyes): "Yeah, but it's no Tomcat."



"Lowne as in clown."         

"Old? Since when did I get old, Bud?"  

"I'm a lawyer, don't make me sue you!"

"You're not just a drunk, you're a mean drunk."

"Goodbye, Dad."

"(Have you crossed the line, Commander?) Only the equator."

"Don't you wish you had a pair (of lobster mittens)?"

"There's Commander BugMe."

"6'4", I'll give your regards to my tailor, and platinum's not really my colour, Ma'am."

"Suck it up, Marine!"

"You don't want to be in my dreams."



"What pajamas?"

"How many G's was that? Twelve million?"

"I were kissing her."

"One Harmon Rabb in my life is enough!"

"I hang asses frequently in my profession."

"Remind me not to suggest you for his eulogy."

"Did you see his eyes...when he knew he was going to die?"

"My mother's Swiss."

"120 pounds, thank you."



"If you ever get tired of the Navy, Sir, you'd make a fortune as a
wedding planner."

"I haven't seen someone look so guilty since my last visit to the White House."

"Can I have my Gameboy back?"

"Albert Jethro Roberts...I like that!"


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